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Mexican Grill


Traditional family restaurant
Serving the best 100% Mexican dishes
Located in
the heart
of the city

The best Mexican food. Not only that but we specialize in making our food authentic. It will make you feel as if you where visiting Mexico. With our delicious food, and our variety of Mexican dishes.


Here at Doña Mary we have been happily serving our costumers since 2011. With our rich ingredients like no other. We make sure our food is fresh and prepared with rich exquisite ingredients. To make all of our recipes to perfection. 


We are located in Orem, Utah. Although we will have you  feeling as if you where in Mexico. With our authentic well-known Mexican dishes. Come and check out our location, and try our delicious food for yourself. So you can see what good Mexican food is really like.



Make a reservation

Don't wait any longer, come and try our food right now. Worried that there won't be any space available, make a reservation in less than a minute. We will have your table ready for any occasion or event. Here we have you covered for any guests that you bring or group of people. In les than a minute you will have a table ready at any time, Here at Doña Mary we treat our costumers the best of the best. 

The perfection of our authentic dishes takes time

Our different types of dishes take time. But here at Doña Mary we waste no time at all. We have all of our plates ready to go. We waste no time at all, unlike a lot of restaurants we don't make our costumers wait for their food. We have it ready at all times. And if you don't want to waste no time at all and just have you're food ready according to your time try our order online. We will have you're food ready and according to all of your accommodations. We have the option to make your plate exactly how you wanted and according to what you like. So come to Doña Mary so you can see what differs us from the rest.


Have a drink Special handmade

Not only do we have delicious food here at Doña Mary. But we also have delicious beverages. We carry a variety of different types of drinks. From our popular homemade horchata. To our fresh fruit water. We make our drinks authentic as well. And made with very fresh ingredients and fruit. 



1462 N State St.orem ut.  84057  

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